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We want to make life easier.

Lazy Girl Luxe is setting out to make life a lot easier for the smart savvy women of our time: modern moms, busy career hustlers, money-saving miracle workers, on-the-go dynamic divas, and ladies of all ages who want uncomplicated skincare products that work. We've progressed. A lot. Women have taken multitasking to an entirely new level as we are rarely only doing just one thing at any given moment. We give a lot and we deserve the free moments we find by saving time and working smarter whenever and wherever we can. That's why Beauty Spray exists...because we deserve better.

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Women hustle hard. Every minute counts.

Beauty Spray was born out of necessity. Busy women need products that will come to the rescue when time is of the essence. With a million products out there to cleanse, moisturize, remove makeup, remove hair, improve wrinkles...(oh and don't even get us started on the amount of cosmetics that we have to master) it's just time for some simplicity. How about a product that doesn't charge extra just because women use it? Better yet, how about a product that does more than one thing?

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Tiffany Holley


Tiffany Holley

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Pablo Davidov


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